Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i'm tired and it is only 2pm!!

this has been a pretty eventful day for us so far! we woke up early (well, it was 7am... but that is early to us! )to a LOUD, explosive boom outside our house. our whole house shook and the power went out. it was still dark out, but all 3 of our babies sleep with box fans in their rooms to help drown out any other noise, and with our power out and the LOUD boom, they all woke up SCREAMING! i jumped out of bed and looked out our window and saw the electric pole across the street was shooting sparks and popping pretty bad, then a little ways down i could see where the pole had snapped in half and was dangling in our neighbors yard. ella kate kept asking us if our house was going to die. where did she think of that? bill had already left for work, so the 4 of us huddled in front of a window and watched the "fire works" until the fire truck came.
when josiah first saw miley this morning he cupped her face in his hands and said, "d'shoo go ni-night bay my? i so prow you!" (did you go night night baby miley, i'm so proud of you!) he can be such a sweet boy... but it was way too early for miley so she hollered at him and swatted his hands off her face:)
with our power and cable cut off, we loaded up and drove to pick up baby eve, then headed to my mom's house to play. while in the car, ella kate points out every christmas decoration she sees! her favorites are the manger scenes! "hey look momma! a baby jesus burse! (birth)" we must have seen a billion "baby jesus burse" from our house to mimi's! when we got to mimi's ella kate and josiah were so excited to see all of her decorations. we just saw them a couple of days ago, but every time we come back over it is like they are all new again. however, ella kate is not very fond of mimi and poppa's tree. she tells them, "it isn't a christmas tree, it's a santa tree! christmas trees supposed to have stars on top!" and my parents have a cute santa topping theirs.. oh well!
josiah spots a reindeer and gets so excited saying, "hey wook! a caribou!!" i guess kids learn more from baby einstein videos then we think:) after the excitement of all the christmas decorations died down some, all 4 of the babies made their way upstairs to mimi's play room. ella kate doesn't like being up there by herself when all the grown ups are still downstairs. however, the other 3 babies could care less if they are being supervised. but ella kate is a persistent little booger, so she stood at the top of the stairs and calls out, "hey mimi! you need to come up here wiff us! there are no big mommas or mimis up here wiff all these children!" she cracks me up:) sure enough.. she got her way and my mom and i will have to catch up on adult conversation another day!
so now, we are back home and i laid all 4 of the babies down for a nap. i am going to take advantage of the quiet-ness and the fact that our power is back on, and curl up on the couch with my yummy frappuccino:)

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