Monday, December 21, 2009


my parents had a cat, oscar, and recently had to get rid of him. the babies would talk about him, but weren't really attached to him, seeing as though he was completely psycho and skiddish and would attack them at any given moment! but he was a sweet cat... really, he was! anyways.. back to the story! so, they gave him away and one afternoon ella kate and i were going to their house to bake with my mom and yaya. ella kate in the back seat says, "i can't wait to see mimi, poppa and kitty cat oscar!" ((oh! i just remembered when ella kate was younger she would say titty tat oscar! haha!))anyways.. i told her that oscar wasn't with mimi anymore, and that he had to go to a new house and he has a new mom and dad! she sat there for a minute and said, "do they have a dog?" me: "no! they dont want a pet anymore." ek:"wait a minute! mimi and poppa only has people?? maybe santa will bring them a baby or child?"

josiah was having a difficult time obeying me one afternoon, so ella kate took it upon herself to handle the situation. she walks up to him with her hands on her hips and says, "that's it 'siah! you're on the naughty list!"

on the way to mother's day out one morning, i asked the babies "who wants to go to school?" ella kate and josiah both raised their hands and said, "ME!!!!" seconds later, miley raised her chubby hand and said, "MEEEE!" too cute!

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