Monday, December 7, 2009

random bits and pieces..

did i mention that a certain curly-headed little girl recently went to school with straight hair? she looks like a completely different kid!

also, this same little girl stared at our cashier lady at wal-mart and said, "your hair is all in your face... i don't like it!"

and note to self: if you have firewood outside, keep it out of aim from your male basset hound who likes marking his territory! we lit a warm, toasty fire last night with some of the logs on the bottom of our pile and now a day later, our whole house STILL smells like dog pee!

what is it with my kids having "hard days". ella kate woke up in the middle of the night crying and said, "daddy, i'm just really having a hard day!" we think that she means she had a bad dream... but who knows! also, when i got onto josiah about him misbehaving, he poked out his bottom lip and said, "i hard day, momma!" so, apparently my kids have it rough:)

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