Wednesday, December 23, 2009

how cute is he?

look at my sweet josiah! he is getting so big:) i love him...
bill took jos and ella kate to see"lights of the south" with his parents, sister and her kids. i stayed home with miley b/c she has had a fever all week and been extremely fussy:(
bill said that the babies LOVED the christmas lights and had the absolute best time. josiah even sat on santa's lap. ella kate, on the other hand, is completely terrified of santa! she will talk about him and loves reading stories and singing songs about him...but wants nothing to do with him in real life. she sees him from a distance at the mall and the fear sets in! she is also like that with chuck e cheese, but she calls him "pbs kids":) no matter what his name is though... she will not get close to him. although bribery works for ek, and she managed to give santa a quick hug for a small candy cane:)

i got a starbucks giftcard in the mail yesterday, so i decided to load the babies up in the car and get a frappuccino. we pulled into the drive thru and josiah said, "momma get drink at stah-bux?" :)

tonight while the kids were in the bath tub, bill was acting silly. ella kate smiled up at him and said., "daddy, you done lost yo' mind!":)

also... at my mom's house this week, she had gotten the babies cute little toy lanterns. they were red in the shape of santa claus. ella kate liked hers, but said "i really wish i had a pink one!" my mom told her that the only lanterns the store had, were these red santa ones. ek's response then was, "well santa can make anything, so im'a get him to make me a pink one!" even though we dont play up santa, she still believes:)

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