Tuesday, December 29, 2009


we are beyond blessed!! our christmas was perfect! the babies got WAY too many presents, and we all ate WAY too much yummy food! bill's family does their christmas on christmas eve, so we all went to his mom's house to eat and open presents, then after we were done, bill and i took the babies to my parents house where my sisters were and we all spent the night. it was so much fun! the babies don't sleep near as good as they do when they are home and in their own beds, but we stuck it through and made some great memories:) ella kate was so excited about all of her presents.. she took the wrapping paper off of one of her presents and just saw a plain cardboard box and said, "oh! this is what i always wanted!!" she didn't even know what was inside yet.. sweet girl:) and josiah was so excited to get his "buzz year" (buzz lightyear), some puzzles, and trains. miley got some real cute things too, but she is too little to express all of her excitement just yet:) although, she is VERY fond of all of ella kate's baby dolls and a puppy dog purse that bill's mom gave her... she keeps trying to sneak it away from ella kate, but is not quite fast enough:)

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