Wednesday, January 27, 2010

pete and re-pete:)

josiah repeats EVERYTHING that ella kate says. my family jokingly calls them "pete and re-pete"... it is really cute at first, then it can turn into something quite annoying!
for example.. this is a sample of our afternoon car ride conversation:

ek: momma... i didn't have a hard day today!
jos: momma.. i no had har day!

ek: hey look at that school bus over there!
jos: hey uh wook at skoo bus o'dare!

ek: josiah is touching me!
jos: L-kate touch me!

ek: can i have some popcorn when we get home?
jos: i ha' popcorn ah' home?

and so on and so forth.... you get the picture?

tonight while we were eating supper, ella kate looked at me and said, "hey! why do you get to keep your clothes on when you eat spaghetti?"

then, when i put the 3 in the bathtub... ella kate took a really deep breath and said while standing on her tip toes, "momma, i forgive you for making the baff water really hot!"


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