Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Date Night!

tonight was date night at the davis house! bill and ella kate went to the mall to spend her "builder bear" (build-a-bear) gift card that she got for christmas. she was so excited! she had never been to "builder bear" before, so she looked forward all day to her date with daddy:)
i had shared some popcorn and couch time with my little man tonight:) i didn't take a picture, but josiah and i had some cute one on one time and we had some fun, too! we laid the little teething monster (aka: miley) down for bed, and just cuddled together on the couch! he is so sweet... and apparently he thought i was eating too much of the popcorn.. so he hid the bowl from me, grabbed the popcorn out of my hands and said, "no mo pa-corn, momma! ok? it's 'siah's turn!" oh well... i guess i didn't need it anyway:)

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