Thursday, January 7, 2010

messes and memories

while josiah, miley and eve napped yesterday, i decided to spend some special time with ella kate and make a pound cake. i had been wanting something sweet, and she LOVES to help in the kitchen... so this was the perfect thing for us to do. or so i thought:)
let me tell you... baking with a little one is NOT for the neat freaks! there was flour EVERYWHERE, egg shells in the batter, pieces of wrapper still on the blended sticks of butter and i am sure that we added more than the required amount of vanilla! she spilled the first teaspoon of vanilla halfway in the bowl and halfway on the counter, so i tried to guesstimate how much else we still needed.
if you were a fly on the wall, you would see a half dressed ella kate standing on an upside down hamper trying to reach the mixer on the counter, covered in mess and you would here me say over and over, "oh! no no... be careful! steady..., slow down a bit! watch what you're doing! there you go.. good job! ok, add that next. stop licking the beaters! ok, now you can pour this.... get your mouth off of the bowl! oh, that is too much! good girl, this looks yummy! oh, wait! we already added that.. oh no! we're spilling it! stop licking the beaters, we're not done yet... it's ok, just let me do it!" ((sigh)) i was trying to be calm and relax but i think my nerves are still shot! all that matters is that ella kate had a blast and we made some memories and a ginormous mess... isn't that what it is all about:)

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