Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i love these kids! it frightens me how fast time is going by, and how they are not going to be babies much longer! ella kate is still funny and as dramatic as ever. josiah is starting to come out of his little shell some, and has the tendency to be a little ham like his big sister. miley is still just as sweet and compliant, but as fiery as ever! how can she both, you ask? well, she can be content, smiley and go with the flow all day, but if one little bump in the road hits her the wrong way, you better watch out:) she and josiah have become quite the pair! they play SO well together and it is so much fun to watch them chase each other around the house and cackle in hysteria when they get "tagged". ella kate is entirely too old to play such childish games with them anymore:) lately, she has been spending her time coloring, coloring and coloring some more. she got a lot of fun art stuff for christmas, and has been quite content sitting at the kitchen table trying to "stay in the lines". and i must add, that she is quite the artist:) my niece, baby eve came back to play with us today! we have missed not having her during the 2 weeks of christmas break. eve and miley are cute little buddies. today in the back seat, they kept stealing each others blankets screaming, "NOOO!! MINE!!" then they would laugh and cough and copy each other until someone snatched the other's blanket and the drama started over again.

josiah really loves eve too, but she will have none of it. i dont know what it is about him, that rubs her the wrong way. maybe it is that he likes to get nose to nose with her and say, "hey, dare big gur!" (hey there big girl!) now, granted eve IS a chunky little thing, and although he means well... boys should never call a girl big! :) so normally when he comes near her to play, she screams and runs off to ella kate or miley. the ones that she DOES like:)

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