Tuesday, January 26, 2010


it never fails that as soon as miley is free to roam around and play outside, she finds an acorn or a piece of mulch and puts it in her mouth. she and my niece, eve are HORRIBLE about that! even if we are just walking from the front door to the car, they both will try and cram as many in their mouths as possible. well today ella kate and miley were playing on the front porch and i hear miley fussing about something. i look and see ella kate with her fingers in miley's mouth saying, "now, baby miley! give me that nut top!! you not supposed to eat those fings!" and sure enough, miley was chewing on the top of an acorn! what a big helper ella kate is:)
josiah accidentally passed some gas in the tub tonight and he and ella kate were hysterically laughing about the "bubbles" that came up. ella kate even said, " whoa, 'siah! that was awesome!" how gross are my kids?!!?
i was changing josiah's diaper yesterday and asked him if was a sweet boy at school. he smiled and said, "i no sweet boy!" ella kate heard him say that and squealed, "oh! was 'siah a ugly boy?" josiah frowned and said, "i no ugg-ee boy! i yaya's boy!" (he LOVES yaya... aka: lauren, my sister!)
sharing is hard in the davis house. i feel like it is a daily battle to make them take turns. josiah was playing with a toy dolphin and miley walked up and snatched it from him. he screamed and said, "no baby my-ee!!" ella kate snatches it back from miley ,who in return screams! have i mentioned that our house is noisy!?! :) i was surprised to see that ella kate gave the dolphin back to josiah, then turned to tell miley, "baby miley, now we need to share. god wants us to share our hula hoops and our peas. ok?" miley stuck out her pouty lip and wandered back into josiah's room to look for something else to play with, and ella kate looks at me and smiles:) i smile back at her.. partly because she helped me in this situation like a big girl, AND that she mentioned hula hoops and peas.. neither of which are in our day to day life:) ha!

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  1. Your kids are so funny. Especially the bathtub incident. It sounds like they have a blast together.