Saturday, January 16, 2010


over christmas break, ella kate watched the movie "the grinch". she really loved cindy lou who, but some parts of the movie she would tell me how the grinch was "being ugly and him needed to be sweet!" there is a certain part where cindy lou who sings a song in her room and we must have repeated that scene 57 times! both ek and jos loved to hear that girl sing. anyway, the other night ella kate apparently had a bad dream so she woke up, came up to our room and said, "momma... i'm havin' a really hard day about the grinch!" she says that too us a lot... "havin' a hard day". it can mean that she had a bad dream, or if she is awake and says it, it most likely means that she is not getting her way, or that she did something wrong and knows she is in trouble:)
you don't really realize how much you sacrifice when you become a mom. things as simple as using the restroom ALONE, become a joy! well, this particular day josiah was my little shadow. he followed me everywhere. he stood by me as i loaded the dishwasher, folded the clothes and yes.. even when i went to the bathroom. he stood there staring at me, then he eyes lit up and said, "oh, momma! you go potty! i so prow (proud) you!"

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