Tuesday, January 12, 2010

oh, this boy!

just now the babies are supposed to be napping.. but i hear josiah scream. not just a cry, but a scream.... as if his arm got cut off or his leg broke in two! it startled me, so i ran real fast down to his room to see him standing there, still screaming and looking at his bare feet. i pick him up and wipe his tears and ask him what was wrong. he stops screaming, but has a horrible case of the 'suck backs' and through his gasping for breath i hear him say "lay-bug". i look down and see a helpless little lady bug crawling on his floor. apparently, the lady bug crawled across josiah's little foot and scared him to death. aren't boys supposed to like bugs?? especially cute little lady bugs?! i told him that lady bugs were sweet and they weren't going to hurt him. his reply with his pouty lip out, "i no wike lay-bug. it's wucky!"
also... while in the car this morning, taking ella kate and josiah to mother's day out, ella kate couldn't see her lunch box from under her jacket on the floor. she hollers out, "hey! where did my lunch box go?" josiah turns to her and very sweetly says, "i'n know baby, we find uh skoo!" (i don't know baby, we will find it when we get to school) then turns back around with a smile as if he just solved the hardest case! what was even funnier was the look on ella kate's face after josiah answered her. she looked as if, 'who was he talking to? and why did he call me baby?' :)

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