Saturday, January 9, 2010

talk about a tear jerker...

we had a semi family reunion today with some of our extended family members out of town. my family took 2 different vehicles to travel. in our van was erin, eve, miley, ella kate, bill and me. and then my parents took my dad's truck with my other sister lauren and josiah. on the way back to augusta ella kate and josiah switched places and my parents decided to go to my grandma's house to pick up a few things. going to my sweet nonny's house is still really hard for me, seeing as though she just passed away 4 months ago, so we opted out and decided to just head back to augusta. when ella kate got home tonight from my parents she told me, "hey momma! i went to nonny's house today, but she was not there.... her was at heaven. but when is she coming home, because it is really dark outside and i really, REALLY miss her!" :(

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  1. Aww, that is so sad. Most definelty a tear jerker!!

    I have an award for you on my blog!