Wednesday, February 11, 2009

i be sweet...

ella kate has been unusually testy today! normally, she is pretty sweet and predictable... tries to push the limits, but almost always obedient... but today she threw me for some loops. she didn't want to share ANYTHING today, and kept throwing her toys. we don't throw stuff here at home, so it was odd seeing her do this! we were playing with the little people downstairs, when she decided to go upstairs to her room to bring out something else. now, we have a rule at our house, that we clean up one set of toys before we bring out another. for instance, if we are playing with puzzles, but she wants to bring out the blocks... then we pick up all the puzzle pieces and put them away before we dump blocks everywhere! and she knows this, but today when i told her that we needed to pick up the little people, she started throwing them everywhere. not neccesarily at me or josiah, but not in the tupperware bin that they belong either. i corrected her and asked her not to throw the toys, but to put them away gently. and this is what she said, "sorry momma, i not fro my toys, i be sweet. my's a big girl!" then i got proud thinking, wow that was easy! i'm doing a good job at this mom-thing!! and i look back at her and see that she's throwing some more.. geez!

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