Friday, February 27, 2009

thankful for sleeping babies:)

i never thought that i would ever say this, but i am thankful that bill requires a lot of sleep!! apparently, he has passed down that trait to all 3 of our babies!! they always have been such great little sleepers:) i guess i take it for granted, or maybe it is the fact that i have never had one who wasn't a good sleeper.. so this is all we know! but as i was talking to some of my other mommy friends, they weren't neccessarily in my shoes....
but here is a picture of our sweet baby miley!! she sleeps anywhere from 12-14hrs at night, and still takes 3 one and half to two hr naps a day! although, i am incredibly thankful.... i do wish that her diaper would hold more:) she is a belly sleeper and she wets thru her clothes almost every night!! we put her normal diaper on and then one of josiah's on top of that and she STILL wakes up in the morning with wet jammies and wet sheets!! oh, well... you can't have it all, can you:)

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