Monday, February 16, 2009

conversations with miss priss!

*i hear a mumbling voice in the backseat and i thought ella kate was talking to me, so i turn around and say, "huh?" ella kates gives me this look and says, "momma, don't say huh! i's singing!" oh excuse me...

*while looking for her dancing shoes (plastic, dress-up shoes) she askes yaya if she knows where they were. yaya says, "no". ella kate says, "yes, yaya... your know!" later.. yaya finds the missing shoe and gets a "good girl!" from ella kate:)

*today, at mimi's house, ella kate came in the room with something wet and red (like her gatorade) all over her shirt. i asked her what it was and she said, "oh.. i spilled biscuit on me, but you don't want to get it off right now. ok?"

*"momma, i wanna watch snow white and the sen doooors!!"

*while putting the babies down for bed tonight, ella kate comes out of her room after 5 minutes of being in there. she finds me in my room and says, "momma, i just went night-night in my room!" i say, "oh really?" and she said, "don't say that momma, you gotta say good girl ella kate!" "oh, good girl, but lets go back down to your room and go night-night for real".

*in the bathtub tonight, ella kate thought that the water was going to be too hot. but she got in and said, "oh... it is perstick! (perfect) it is not too code (cold) for me!" love her..")

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