Wednesday, February 4, 2009

my big girl

as i have mentioned earlier, we are really working hard on the potty training with ella kate. she was supposed to be napping just now, and i heard her in there talking to herself. so i opened her door and this is what i found.. and sure enough she had tt'd in the potty!! yay!! that is 3 times in the potty so far today, and i am so proud if her!! on a side note, i wanted to share with you a cute thing she has been saying lately. i was reading one of my many parenting books, and the author was expressing the need of encouraging your children. they said that for every negative thing you do or say to them (like if they disobey you and you have to correct them) that you should praise them 10 times more!! i had no idea how hard that would be! and they said not to praise their beauty or cuteness, but more so their positive actions. so i have desperately been trying to praise her more. i will say, "oh ella kate thank you for being such a big helper by putting the toys away, etc... " and everytime, she'd say, "momma, my not a big helper... my's a big girl!!"

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