Wednesday, February 4, 2009

exciting times..

i swear when bill is working late, our kids plan a secret team meeting and plot ways to drive their momma crazy! like tonight, bill didn't come home until 8ish, so it was another long day... and the crazies were at it again!! ella kate wanted pigtails this afternoon and they were anything but cute! but two a 2 yr old, they were "perstick... my's a pwincess!!"josiah had found one of ella kate's buckets from vbs last year and decided to wear it on his head THE WHOLE NIGHT! he was bumping into walls, running into doors, falling down the stairs and yet never took it off. he never cried when he would smash into something, he would just keep banging his head until he figured it out. one time he got stuck in ella kate's room and kept walking into the door, backing up and walking back into the door again. ridiculous! then ella kate was on the potty for what seemed like all night. she would go and then get up, but feel like she had to go again and sit back down on her little pink plastic potty. she stood up one time after sitting there for a while, and the potty was stuck to her hiney and came up with her. then it fell and TT splashed and slushed all in her room. there was however a cracker that she had dropped in her potty during her long visit and josiah had found it after it splashed out and grabbed it to eat it! (very seldom so i scream at my kids, but this afternoon i let out a sound that they wont ever forget!!) i just didn't want jos to eat the TT soaken cracker, but he wasn't close enough for me to grab it from him, so i hollered out.... and he dropped it and cried. poor guy.. all he wanted was a snack!! so little exciting events happened all night and needless to say, i am glad everyone is in bed now! i love my babies, but they wear me out!!!

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  1. what a night! :o) i love how you type how ella kate talks.. so cute. miley is getting so big.. and josiah is just cracking me up with that bucket on his head.. you are a great mommy!