Tuesday, February 17, 2009

in less than an hour...

it is amazing what all my kids can do and say in no time at all! for instance, if you were a fly on the wall from 4- 4:30 this afternoon... this is what you would have seen and heard....
ella kate got a fun, new straw for valentines and has been dying to use it. with it in her hand she tells me, "momma, my is soooo thirsty!! i might fro up!!" she had a full sippy cup on the counter, but she was SOOO thirsty for that new straw:) i told her i would get her some water that she could drink with her new straw and she said.. "oh... and i'ma need some cheese too!!" so i get miss priss settled and turn the corner to see that josiah has opened up our case of bottled water and lined them all up along the window sill (sp??). he was happy so i left him alone. i thought i would tackle some laundry before i started supper and josiah found him a sheet and put it over his head and walked around the house. that boy... he has a fetish with things on his head!! after i finished folding the mountain of clothes that were on my kitchen table, i decided to get started on supper. i hear ella kate downstairs saying, "baby mi-ey.... where ARE you?!!?" ok, last i knew.. i put her in her bouncy seat with a praise baby dvd. a little concerned with what ella kate was saying, i peeked my head downstairs and see ella kate standing next to a squirming bundle of sheet!!! miley was still in her bouncy seat... she was just covered with josiah's sheet (which he apparently dropped while getting sidetracked with the tv). ella kate just wanted to play a game of "pick-ee-oooo!" miley was sucking her thumb and smiling the whole time:) sweet baby!! i ask ella kate if she can play something else and let miley be alone for a while. so, with that i continue to work on supper and in walks miss priss with her 'dancing shoes' and the sheet over her head! "look momma... my like jesus!!"
"yes, ella kate... you do look like jesus! but, i dont think that jesus wore dancing shoes though..."
"oh, yes him did! him's yub dancing shoes!!"
oh.....well.. i stand corrected!

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  1. This made me smile. :) I miss those sweet kiddies! Miss Orange is having Davis Withdrawals...you better let me come see you soon! I'm glad you had a fun AND productive afternoon. You actually got me motivated to go tackle the mountain of laundry in my bedroom...off I go before I get side tracked...AGAIN! Love you and miss you!