Friday, February 20, 2009

trying to help

so... it is nap time at the davis house! everyday, from around 1pm until 4pm ella kate and josiah nap. miley of course still eats every 3 hours, so she eats when i lay them down and then she goes down around 2pm until 4pm... ANYWAYS... right now they are all supposed to be asleep, but bill heard ella kate talking and moving around in her room, so he went in to check on her. [now, keep in mind that we are 'working' on the potty training thing. some days are great and some days are not so great! we ran some errands this morning and she TT'd in her poo-yup (pull up) so i changed her and put a new poo-yup on her when i laid her down for her nap just now.] so back to the story... when bill walks in her room, he smacked in the face with this HORRIBLE smell and the sight of his daughter struggling to get her panties up with poo all over her hands. apparently, right after she TT'd in potty and got a clean pull-up on with me, she had a tummy ache and had a messy accident. she tried to take off the dirty pull-up, wipe herself clean with about a dozen wipes and put a new pull-up on. TALK ABOUT A MESS:) thankfully, bill cleaned it all up without a complaint and tried to tell ella kate that momma's and daddy's need to help take off dirty diapers and put clean ones on. i am sure he was having a hard time controlling his gag refluxes as he is cleaning off poo from her hands down to her toes. bless her heart though, she was just trying to help!!

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