Thursday, February 26, 2009


ella kate is such a little diva! she is going thru a phase right now, where she ONLY wants to wear dresses... no pants, they are not even an option! she only wants to wear her 'dancing shoes' which is what she calls her plastic, dress-up high heels, she only wants to wear her hair a certain way and she has to pick out the bow!!! and about a week ago, she found a ceiling fan pull chain thingy and that is her new necklace, that she wears EVERYWHERE!!! it's pretty ridiculous:) she loves all things girly.... purses, 'trapstick', hats, painted nails.... you name it!! and she even when she is getting ready for bed, she ONLY wants to wear a night gown. not the cute, warm, fleecy zip-up one piece things, or the thermal longleeved jammies... she wants the silky sleeveless 'princess' night gowns!! last sunday night, i was getting her dressed for puggles (her awana program at church), and i pulled out her puggles shirt and some jeans. ella kate had a heart attack! she could not believe that i was being so mean and making her wear something other than a dress! so when i was all finished, i let her look in the mirror and she sad in the gloomiest, most pitiful voice, "my's not a pwincess anymore!!" and then she started to cry. oh my... all of a sudden, her shirt was too tight, her jeans were hurting her belly and her chin started to hurt! but i was NOT giving in:) i can appreciate the fact that she likes to dress in her own way... but she is TWO!!! if i start letting her dictate to me what she is going to wear now, i can only imagine how it will be later! so, i told her that she was going to wear that and that we needed to hurry and get her shoes so we could leave. then, she told me that NONE of her shoes in her closet fit, except her 'dancing shoes' and that they were 'perstick!' but being the mean mom that i am, i didn't let her wear those either! she has plenty of shoes that fit and that would look so cute with her puggles attire, so we put those on.... and she cried again! oh, boy.... the drama!! it never ends:) but my parents have recently told me that they once knew a little girl JUST LIKE HER.... hmmmm:) notice her 'necklace:)

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