Monday, February 2, 2009

mr. softy

i can already see that josiah is going to be a 'softy'. or atleast, he will be for a little while.. he has started showing so much compassion for his sisters, that i just want to cry as i watch it. he adores miley and cannot refrain from kissing her and touching her and patting her.. etc:) it is so sweet. as soon as she wakes up from a nap he runs to her and loves her (head butts her, but in an ever so sweet way!) he is going to be the best big brother to her! and he has recently shown a lot of mercy towards ella kate. if she gets in trouble and gets a spanking and sent to her room, he waits by the door to be the first one to hug her and make all better. or if she gets sent to time-out, he will try and go with her and sit right by her side:) it is so sweet! he is such a sweet boy and is growing so fast! he will be 18 months old this month!! we love our sweet 'siah!

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