Wednesday, February 11, 2009

our sweet sharing 'siah!!

this afternoon, ella kate, josiah and i were outside playing. we had our usual play items, the stroller, dora (or dura as ek calls her), the bucket, sidewalk chalk... you know, all the neccessities:) well, josiah loves to push dora in the stroller, (i know, i know.. we need to get him a manly wagon or something, but for now he loves the hot pink stroller!).. anyways, ella kate had been pushing it around for a while and josiah wanted a turn. i asked ella kate if she would share and let josiah push it for a while, she snapped back with a disrespectful, snoody little remark! i, in return popped her and put her little hiney on the bricks for a time-out! so now, it was josiah's turn to take 'dura' for a stroll, but he had a hard time listening to ella kate whimper on the bricks so being the sweet little boy he is... he pushed the stroller back to ella kate and plopped down next to her on the bricks, trying to make it all better! sweet boy:)

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