Wednesday, February 4, 2009

4 months old already..

where does the time go?? our smiley miley is 4 months old today:) it is flying by, and i am kinda sad!! usually, when one of our babies is 4 months old, i am already pregnant again... but not this time:) bill and i both want more babies, but we are gonna try and space them out a little farther. not that having 3 babies ages 2 and under isn't fun and all, we are just wanting to give momma a little break.. haha:) anyways, back to miley. have i mentioned that she is the best baby EVER??? well, she is:) the lord has blessed us with 3 amazing babies and we could not have imagined a greater love for our children!! we pray for them daily, that the lord with call them to himself and that they would have a passion and desire to serve him with everything that is in them! and the lord has instilled in miley such a sweet and calm spirit that just melts the heart of everyone who 'meets' her! she is so quick to offer that crooked little smile to anyone who talks to her, and she is starting to talk back with her sweet coo's! she loves to laugh at her daddy, and doesn't miss too many meals:) she is still on good ol' momma's milk, but i am getting the itch to wean her off soon. we are going to introduce some rice cereal this month, and i am sure that i will have some cute pictures to share! she has got big, blue eyes and dimples like her brother, and a head full of dark hair like her sister... both of whom she LOVES!! here is a little pic of our growing baby girl trying to find her thumb:)

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