Monday, August 24, 2009

ella kate is 3!!!!

3 years ago today, i was in the hospital delivering our first baby! she was a beautiful, healthy 8lb 5oz baby girl that we named ella kate:) she was 2 weeks early... and i was SO ready for her to be here! she has been an absolute JOY and we can't imagine our life without her! i remember right after i had her and she was cleaned up, the nurse handed her to me and i said, "oh my! she looks chinese!" and then my sweet, caring, and blatantly honest husband told me, " katie, (my name is kristen, but katie is a nickname) ..".. it's ok, katie! you kinda look chinese too!" i couldn't believe it! we had been together for years and he had never told me that before! but decided that now was a good time:) obviously, we don't have asian in either of our families, but for the longest time, people would ask us if she was adopted!! but, nope.. she is ours and she is beautiful:)
ella kate has kept us laughing since day 1:) she has her daddy's quick wit, my drama queen ability and her own little spunk... which makes for a fun combination!! when she was born, she stole the hearts of both of my parents, my sisters, my brother in law, and my sweet nonny! they were all smitten with her and were fighting over time with her! they would all call begging to babysit and would show up at our house because they 'were in the neighborhood!' man.. i miss those days:) haha!
ella kate is an amazing big sister.. quite the mother hen to both josiah and miley:) she loves to help in the kitchen and is daddy's little baker. the things that she does and almost everything that she says, just crack us up! she is such a hoot! she loves baby dolls and all the accessories that come along with them, stuffed animals, barbies, books, popcorn, cheese, pink coke (raspberry gingerale), dancing shoes (plastic high heels for dress-up), make up, jewelry, dresses, hair clippies, shopping at the star (macy's), anything princess or dora, lazy town, going on dates with her daddy, spending time with mimi (my mom). she is such a fun little girl and can always make me smile! with her sweet grin and crazy hair you can't help but fall in love with her! we are so thankful for her and know that the lord has a special plan for her life!


  1. She is just so dag gone cute with those curls! I know you could just eat her up!!!!

  2. oh i just love her! happy birthday ella kate!