Monday, August 24, 2009

'siah trouble!

i have heard that this is a typical 2nd child... can anyone relate??
the other day, ella kate was a pest to poor josiah ALL day long. whatever toy he was playing with, she snatched or wherever he was going, she got their faster! it was ridiculous! we were outside and there were people around, so i told her to go sit on the bricks and take a time out. she pouted and walked over there with her arms crossed.... josiah followed. i told josiah to come back because ella kate was sitting there being punished. he looked at me and said, "siah trouble!" and walked over and sat down beside her. i told him that he wasn't in trouble and that he needed to go and play. then, the longest, saddest expression came over his face and his lip poked out... what was i supposed to do?? so i did what all good moms do! i said, "ok josiah! go sit on the bricks and take a time out too!" he smiled the biggest smile and ran to ella kate's side saying, "ok, momma!"
but the funny thing is.. is that he does this all the time. she will get in trouble.. whether it be a spanking, a time out or sent to her room and he always wants to go with her or make it better! sweet boy:) she can pester him and bully him, but when she gets disciplined, he gets sad!!

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  1. I'm a second child and I was the same way with my older brother. I even regularly gave him money when he had spent all of his allowance. Maybe he's just going to be a compassionate little guy! That's GREAT news!