Friday, August 28, 2009

my tummy feels better, now!

earlier, i mentioned that ella kate and josiah are attending mother's day out and somehow brought home some germies to miley who has been sick off and on all week. this morning, ella kate woke up and told me that her belly was hurting. since she is potty trained now, her telling us that her belly is hurting, usually means that she needs to go potty. so she tried.. and nothing! she then brought her pillow from her bedroom into the living room floor and laid down. she never does that!! but in between of all of this, she was chasing josiah and singing and dancing and acting completely normal. so i didn't think anything else about it. ella kate and i made a gooey butter cake for a very special nana, and josiah decorated a card for nana too! we loaded all in the car, to drop off our goodies and when we pulled back into the driveway, ella kate threw up all in the van. it was EVERYWHERE!!! i looked at her and she was on the verge of tears. poor thing! she told me, "momma! i frowed up all in the ban (van)! but maybe we can get a new ban since this one is all yucky now!" oh, child... if it were only that simple. i would have loved to just trade this nasty van in for another one instead of having to clean it up! (i do not do bodily functions very well!!) it is times like these when i wish that bill were home:( but, hey.. i have 3 kids and i stay home with them and this is just part of my job as being their mom! so i got everyone in and cleaned off and put down for their naps. i had to bathe ella kate and when i was getting her dressed, she smiled at me and said "i fink my tummy feels all better now!" she gave me a big hug and for a second i forgot that her throw up was still in the hot, humid van.... waiting on me to clean it up! ((sigh))

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