Sunday, August 30, 2009

another fun night..

we had a much needed, fun and lazy night at home tonight! we had a yummy lasagna for supper, took a long hot bath and then we all played upstairs in miley's room. she has a bigger closet than both ella kate and josiah, so we store a lot of the baby's clothes that are out of season or wrong size, up there. i was going though the clothes and bill was entertaining the crazies:) ella kate found a hannah montana t-shirt and some shoes that were passed down from a friend and josiah found some big boy underwear and some more of the hand-me-down shoes and they put them all on:) while the 'big kids' were playing dress up, miley took it upon herself to take every one of her diapers from her basket and throw them all over the floor! fun times:)


  1. Love it! Brings back memories of Scout, who was the dress-up queen of Lincoln County in her day. It's a shame your kiddos are so camera shy ;) Okay, fun time is over - how about a little work on the blog here?! I'm going into withdrawals from lack of a new "Davis Dose!" Don't keep me hangin', woman!! love ya!

  2. It's been almost a week since your last post. I just wanted to check in on ya chick!