Wednesday, August 12, 2009

happy birthday josiah!

today is our little man's 2nd birthday! i cannot believe it! he was born on sunday august 12, 2007 weighing 7lb 3oz and 20 in long:) our little peanut... he had the biggest blue eyes and the biggest smile EVER! josiah william was an amazing baby who rarely cried, and smiled at anyone who would look his way. ella kate was only 11 months old when he was born, but she was crazy about him. she is the one who named him, 'bubba 'siah' which is now shortened to just, 'siah:) he was the boy that bill had always wanted, and he took every opportunity to go and show him off:) josiah is our cuddle bug! our sweet, shy, sensitive, strong, GORGEOUS little boy who tends to blend into the background. he isn't loud and proud like big sister ella kate, nor is he the baby anymore. he was 13 months old when baby miley was born and he is an amazing big brother! he loves that baby and kisses her all day... everyday:) so to keep him from being 'stuck' in the middle of his sisters, we try and do some special things just for him! he and bill are quite the team, and yaya (my sister lauren) is wrapped around his chubby little finger and makes sure that he gets extra special loving:)
josiah is crazy about dora, farm animals, matchbox cars, balls, side walk chalk or any other type of coloring and has also turned into quite the little song bird. he is picking up on some songs and will sing them in his high pitch little voice:) he also can hear an airplane or train before anyone else even notices it, and is now interested in motorcycles which he calls mo-sicle (like a popsicle) precious boy! we are so thankful for josiah and know that the lord has a special plan for his life! happy birthday buddy!


  1. happy birthday josiah!!!

    i can't believe he is already 2!!

  2. man i love that kid! What a special little boy!

  3. looking back at his "old hair"... he is so darn cute with the little boy haircut :) love that bubba siah!