Wednesday, August 5, 2009

oh, the looks we get!

i ventured off the kroger this morning with all 3 babies in tow.... by myself! that is not something that i usually do, nor something that anyone would want to do:) actually, i have never really had the chance to do or go as i please until now. for the past 3 years, we have only had one vehicle and bill would drive it to work and i would be at home all day with the babies. but, the lord has blessed us with another car, so now i have the opportunity to leave the house and get a change of scenery:) and what a difference it makes...i had no idea what all i was missing:)
so anyways.. back to the grocery store! for as long as we have had babies.. bill and i would both go to the store when he got home from work, or i would go when the babies were in bed by myself. if we all went, then bill would wear miley in the kangaroo pouch (baby sling/carrier) and push josiah and ella kate in the double stroller and i would push the buggy. the looks that we get from people are hilarious! they usually do a double take and then ask if they are all ours, or if ek and jos are twins, how old they are, how it is possible to have 3 so small, and if we are catholic, then 99% of them say, "wow! bless your heart! you have your hands full!!" we just respond with a smile and say that 'ek is 2, jos is 1 and miley is however many months... and all 3 were surprises but the greatest blessings! and yes... we do want more:)' about that time, they are picking up their jaws off the floor, wishing us luck and hurrying along their way! bill and i just laugh:) we love our life and wouldn't change it for anything! and there are definitely other people out there who have their hands more full than ours! so i was a bit nervous going to the store this morning with no one to laugh it off with. and sure enough people were staring and smiling, and i couldn't help but to smile too when i saw my buggy:) i took a pic with my phone just so i could remember what it was like when they were small. pretty soon they will be getting bigger and most things will be so much easier... but now, we just live one day at a time and thank the lord for these precious, crazy kiddos:)

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