Tuesday, August 18, 2009

first day of school

ok, so today was the first day of school for josiah and ella kate. they are attending mother's day out at the church where my dad is pastoring:) ella kate was super excited and couldn't wait to show off her princess 'pack pack' and lunch box... courtesy of yaya:) josiah didn't have a clue what was going on or where he was going.. he did however, love to wear his 'pack pack' too! i was so excited for them to go and play with their friends and even more excited to ONLY have miley:) what did i complain about when i only had one child?!?! so for me, today was wonderful!! i took the the 'big kids' to school, ran to kroger to get some milk, came home and put miley down for a nap, straightened up the house a bit and then had a sweet friend and her baby over for lunch! my house was so quiet and tidy... i was loving it!! after lunch i went to go pick up ek and jos and found out that ella kate LOVED school! (i knew she would!) she played with all of her friends, ate turkey for lunch , played with pink play dough and was the line leader!! that was about all that she would tell me! josiah on the other hand... had a rough day! my mom is his teacher and he apparently cried ALL day long!! (deep down, i kinda knew that he would!) now, granted it was his first day... and he is not used to being away from me, nor is he used to being around a bunch of other kids. although, i really think that this would be great for him... we just need to stick it out! so.. if you think about it, say a little prayer for josiah! i obviously wont keep sending him if he is going to cry and scream the whole time, but i really want him to love it!! i NEED him to love it:) but here are the kiddos on their way out the door for school this morning..

on a funnier note... yesterday in the car, ella kate out of nowhere asks bill, "hey daddy, what's your deal?" as if he had done something wrong...

josiah tonight while eating dinner with my family hollers out.. "uh oh!! dropped a geen geen!! (green bean)

miley was fussing in her carseat and josiah tells her," SO K (it's ok) baby! momma here!!

ella kate's conversation with bill... "daddy! i am still hungry! maybe we can go to mcdonalds!" "no baby, we dont have money to go there tonight!" "oh well! i guess i'll go in momma and daddy's closet and find me some money!"

oh yeah!! i totally forgot!! josiah can recognize his letters and numbers!! i HAVE to get a video clip of it and show you! he is a smart little booger!! tonight yaya and sissy were holding up these foamy letter puzzle pieces and he would say, "G! Y! O! W!" i have no idea where he learned this!!

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