Thursday, August 20, 2009


i have had so much encouraging feedback from my previous post, and i am so thankful! i had no idea that so many people followed my blog... so thanks:) it will definitely be different and sometimes hard, but i am going to do my best to keep this blog going.... i know that nonny would want me to! she also would get a kick out of her spunky great- granddaughter! i asked ella kate to go and get dressed so we could run to the store. she comes out of her room looking like this...

a tank top, a tutu and cowboy boots! she was so proud... and i am learning to choose my battles:)

also.. on a funnier note.. we pulled up to the drive thru at chick fil a and josiah in the backseat starts saying, " 'siah get bur-fly, 'siah get bur-fly!!" then smarty pants ella kate corrects him, "no, 'siah! you don't get butterflies here!! they give us french fries!!" but apparently that is what he calls them:)

on that same trip in the car, i hear ella kate in her car seat saying, "wicky, wicky!" and moving her little hands around. this is so funny to me, because bill likes to beat box and act like he is a skipping records like a dj (disk jockey for those of you who are completely lost!)... and she has totally caught on to it and is now copying him when he isn't around:)

when i was laying josiah down for his nap today, he looked at me and said, "'siah night night, no?" it was if he was asking.. i'm not going night night am i??


  1. This is so Scout (Delaney's nickname). She was the dress-up queen in her day. I came home from a women's conference one Saturday & she had on a very similar ensemble to the one EK is sporting but add a boa and floppy hat. Her daddy told me they had been to the drugstore , grocery store - all over Lincolnton (our home then). Believe me, small town folks notice things. Bill said the only reaction other than comments on how cute she looked was "where is Hope?" Bill wondered how they knew I wasn't around? Hmmmm... but like you, I picked my battles and would've let her go. Enjoy these days, K!! Love ya - keep on bloggin'