Sunday, August 23, 2009

sir, yes sir!

ella kate has been getting slack on her manners. she sometimes is amazing with them, but then there are times where i feel like she gets in a rut. our kids being polite, especially to adults, is extremely important to me and bill. so around the dinner table, bill had asked ella kate to do something and she replied with, "what?"
bill corrected her and said that she needed to say, "sir... not what to daddy."
she smiled and said, "ok!"
what seemed like 5 seconds later, he had told her something else. which she still replied with, "what?"
this time he said, "ella kate! you really need to work on your manners, ok? daddy doesn't like it when you say what to grown ups. let's try and work on saying sir and ma'am.... ok?"
"yes, sir." she said and the rest of the night sounded like this.......
"daddy, sir, can i have sumpin to bessert, please, sir?" "sir, are we takin' a baff now?" "i'm not ready to go night-night, sir!" "sir, can i have a cookie, sir?"
it was hilarious! she went from one extreme to the other!


  1. I can't even explain how much I LOVE your blog...I laugh out loud every time I read it! Keep it up!