Friday, December 12, 2008

quite the imagination..

ella kate has got a big imagination and i LOVE it:) it is so cute to watch her play "pretend". whether she is cooking or playing with her babies or talking to people that no one else can see.. (yes.. i am afraid that she will be one of those kids who has an imaginary friend that will need to be buckled up in the car, and have his/her own place at the dinner table.. etc. i can see it now:) ) anyways.. one night she was in her room supposed to be going to sleep.. we had already done our 'routine' with her...which consists of: praying with her, kiss her and put her in her bed and allow her to read a "few" books before she drifts off to la-la land, however sometimes she has plans to do otherwise. this particular night was one of the otherwise:) i had laid her down and left her reading some books. i came back upstairs and was feeding baby miley and getting her ready for bed. while i was up there.. i could hear that ek was not in her bed and was banging around in her room, being awfully loud. i let her play a bit more so i could finish with miley and then i would go tuck her back in. i wish that i had a picture of what i saw when i went into ella kates room. it was a DISASTER!! stuff was everywhere and in the midst of the mess.. i saw MISS THANG! she was standing there in her nightgown, with her straw easter hat on, wearing purple high heel dress up shoes, carrying a purse, pushing a baby doll in her stroller!! she had the deer caught in the headlights look as i say.." ella kate.. it is night night time! you are supposed to be in your bed!" without skipping a beat she says as cute and as innocent as possible... "momma... i was just going to walmart!"
that girl is something else!!

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