Tuesday, December 16, 2008

sweet lil' squeaker

have i mentioned that we are in love with baby miley?! she is such an AMAZING baby and we are so blessed that she is ours! i feel that the lord blesses us with sweet babies, b/c the older siblings are still babies as well! ella kate and josiah are 11 months apart and josiah and miley are 13 months apart... and they were all surprises!! but bringing baby miley home was such a smooth transition, no where near as hard as adjusting to 2 babies, and she has been a joy ever since! she is so stinkin cute and chubby and squeaky! we actually call her squeaker! she is the happiest, yet noisiest baby! she is noisy awake, asleep, eating, smiling, breathing... you name it!! it makes me laugh just thinking about it!! we love our little squeaker!

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