Wednesday, December 10, 2008

meet the crazies..

well, lets see.... our big girl is ella kate and she is 2!! if any of you know my husband.. you know that she has so much of his personality that it is scary!! she is such a hoot!! a typical 'wild card' so to speak.. you never know what she will say next:) but she keeps a smile on our face.. her innocence is precious! our son, josiah, is 16 months... he is quite the charmer! with his curly hair, big blue eyes and dimples.. he can win anyones heart! (especially my sister lauren... yaya is wrapped around his chubby little finger). his little personality is changing a bit here.. it could be that he is trying to figure out where he stands with his 2 sisters, but we definetly know that he is a strong-willed little booger and what he sets his mind on - is what is he gonna do! he's a sweetie! and then there is sweet baby miley! she is a doll.. and we just love her to pieces:) she is 9 weeks old and a happy girl! she is quite content to be in her swing and throw a crooked smile at you every now and then! we thank the lord for this sweet baby!

'siah and baby mi-ey, as ella kate so sweetly calls them, have got big shoes to fill in the funny business... ella kate is hilarious! just this week she was looking at the pictures on our fridge and said, "baby eve(my sister erin's baby) is so CUUUUTE!!"

and i said, "she is so cute, and baby miley is so cute too!"

then she said, "no... baby mi-ey's my sister!"

oh well baby miley... momma thinks that you are cute!!

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