Friday, December 19, 2008


bill and i have always hated to hear kids say MINE!! i know that all kids go through the phase of not wanting to share, but we wanted to try and prolong and prevent our babies from saying that as long as we could. however, our efforts were fruitless... well sort of! if josiah would grab something from ella kate, we would correct him saying, "no, no 'siah.. that is hers. etc.." and vice versa with ella kate. so now, when josiah or any other friend for that matter, comes and tries to take something from ella kate, she says, "NO!! it's HERS!!" and even being the sweet big sister that she is, if someone is taking something from josiah she still says, "NO!! it's HERS!!" and snatches it back to give to her bubba! so whether it spelled M-I-N-E or H-E-R-S .. it basically means the same thing! so we have some work to do.... :)

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