Wednesday, December 17, 2008

another no daddy night..

so tonight i was a loner again... but had many smiles brought to my face from my crazy babies!! ella kate is in the process of being potty trained and for the most part she does great... so after waking up from her nap being dry, i decided to put big girl panties on her! she wanted to be a naked girl (meaning no clothes, only panties) and asked that josiah be a naked boy too! so there they were running around being naked kids when i heard miley squeaking in her bed. it was time for her to eat, so i left the babies playing with blocks downstairs and headed up to my room to feed the squeaker:) they usually follow me around if i have miley with me, b/c they love her so much and are constantly kissing her. (well, josiah's way of kissing, is a gentle head-butt, but you get the picture). so i sit down on my bed and ek crawls up and tries to squeeze in my lap next to miley. her panties are completely soaken, and i ask her, "ella kate, your panties are wet.. where did you go TT?" and she does the cutest thing EVER... she puts a finger up to her jaw/chin area and starts tapping it and says, "hmmm... let... my... think". it was hilarious:) "my go TT downstairs by the christmas tree." and sure enough there was a puddle on the carpet. that kid is so funny. bill and i laugh because she talks either in 3rd person or she says 'my'. she will say ella kate do that, or josiah push my. her latest saying is so sweet... she will walk around the kitchen saying, "ella kate NEED sumpin". very dramatic... i dont have a clue where she gets it:) oh yeah, and tonight while josiah and ella kate were in the bath tub, i decided to 'dunk' miley in again and wash her off! they did much better and didn't splash her this time! josiah was, of course, squealing with delight that her foot accidentally brushed against his belly and ella kate grabbed her hand and shook it saying, "hey baby miey... nice to meetcha!" i love those babies!!


  1. You have the most beautiful family! I enjoy reading your blogs...they put a smile on my face!

  2. You should write a book---your kids are TOO funny!