Thursday, December 18, 2008

what a hoot..

i was at our sunday school christmas party tonight and we all started sharing funny stories of our kids. i got to telling some of the sayings of ella kate before i started this blog and i wanted to share them on here. my sister lauren and i were playing with ella kate one afternoon and we were both kissing her on either side of cheeks. we were going to town just kissing all over her face when she said... "Stop, girls, stop!" :)
as i am writing this, i just remembered that i wanted to share another bathtub incident:) tonight i bathed them extra early before we dropped them off at our friend audrey's house, so we could go to our party. i have mentioned earlier about ella kate's love of 'pretend' play and josiah has started to catch on to it. the davis kids dont have normal bath tub toys. they have pieces of a tea party set, a loofa, a teenage mutant ninja turtle, a set of rubber keys, a plastic foot, a random building block.. you get the picture. so with these odd items, you could see how a game of pretend could be easily played:) tonight, however, they were making edible items like popcorn and gatorade. ella kate will tell me what she has made, and hold it up for me to smack my lips and act like i am eating it. josiah had one of the tea cups and held it out for me to taste and i said, "oh josiah.. it is so yummy!! is it apple juice??" of course, he just beams and is so proud of himself for playing the game. all the while ella kate has this blank stare and says to me.. "no momma, thats not apple juice!! it's just hot water!!"

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  1. oh!! so excited to see you have a blog! the kiddos are gorgeous! i miss you! (((HUGS)))