Monday, December 29, 2008

i need to write this stuff down..

ella kate is constantly saying the most hilarious stuff and i keep telling myself to write it down, write it down, you are gonna forget it so write it down! and here lately, we have been so out of it and busy that i can't remember what she has said and no, i haven't written anything down :(
but tonight we all loaded up to run to sam's to get some toilet paper and other necessities... the babies were in the back seat still buckled while we were waiting on daddy to find a 2-seater buggy. while we were supposed to be waiting patiently, ella kate was sick of it and kept asking questions in a whiney, irritating voice. i, being the all-star mother that i am, was tired of hearing it and said, "ella kate, chill out girlfriend!" she sat quiet for a few seconds then responded, " i not your girlfriend, and i not chill out!" oh well... so speaking of patience... looks like mom needs to work on hers as well:)

oh yeah.. i also wanted to share a christmas moment! ella kate was the official present opener at my parents house! she just walked around to everyone and started unwrapping their gifts! ( BIG helper..) so bill (my bill, not my dad bill) wanted to get my mom a kitchen aid mixer this year so my sisters and eric all chipped in and we got one. she has been wanting one forever but would never buy herself one, so bill decided that christmas time was the perfect time to get it. anyways.. so it was my mom's turn to have her presents opened so ek hopped over and started ripping and tearing the paper away. we all new what it was, but we said, "ek, ek what is it??" and smiled and said, " mimi you got a coffee maker!!" we all busted out laughing! she is so stinkin' cute! i still have no idea how she even knows what a coffee maker is... bill and i dont even make or drink coffee!!

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