Wednesday, December 10, 2008

what am i doing??

well... it looks as though i have officially lost my mind. as if having 3 babies ages 2 and under isn't crazy busy, enough... you can add 'blogger' to my list of responsibilities:) my friends and family have encouraged me for a while now to start a blog... and since my 'babies' are growing up and developing personalities, i decided why not?? most moms scrapbook beautiful photo albums of their kids or have detailed baby books of their growing progress, but i have found myself not really 'good' at that, so i am gonna give this a shot. this is a great way to remember and share the cute and funny things that my babies are doing... and if any if you know my cutie ella kate, then you know the entries will be coming often!! i get so caught in the moment of trying to 'survive' and get through the day, that i often ignore the cuteness that is around me:) they are only little for so long and then they will be gone, so i am gonna try and enjoy these moments... even if they make me pull my hair out in the end:)

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