Wednesday, December 17, 2008

where is my helper?!?!

ella kate is usually my big helper.. especially since bill has been super busy at church. there are nights that he leaves before they get up in the morning and comes home when they are already asleep. so, that leaves me at home ALL day with the babies and NO car!! but ella kate has really enjoyed helping momma out. i have found that if i give her a specific task, like, go and getting baby miley a diaper or a passy, that she will do it and be smiling the whole time:) when she does what i ask her to, she likes to give me a hug and tell me that she is a 'sweet girl' :) what a cutie! so last night was another 'no daddy' night and i told her that momma was tired and i was gonna need a LOT of help... she just smiled:) it was getting close to supper time and i had just finished feeding miley. i sent ella kate to baby miley's room to get me a diaper and i went downstairs to the kitchen to put josiah in his seat to start eating leftover pizza (yummy!). ella kate was taking an awful long time so i called for her, and in return i heard a muffled voice on the stairs saying, "my make a mess, momma". i smiled at what i saw!!! i guess even the best helpers get a little distracted at times:)


  1. she's actually smiling and sitting still for the picture. Thats amazing!

  2. You have got to have the most entertaining child on the face of the earth! You seem to handle her so seem to mother ALL of them with ease! The family is beautiful...I'm REALLY enjoying the blog!