Monday, December 29, 2008

our first hair cuts!!

ella kate is almost 2 and 1/2 and has never had a haircut or even a trim!! with her hair being so cute and curly, you can't really tell that she needs one! but i straightened her hair a week or so ago and saw how uneven it really was. i meant to trim the ends then, but ran out of time.. so i staightened it again and cut it myself. it looks pretty much the same, but to me, her hair looks even curlier than it used to! she was so cute after i cut it.. she looked in the mirror and said.. "ohh.. i like a pwincess!!" josiah had his 1st haircut a couple days after ek's. bill, however, didn't trust me to cut his:) bill didn't even want to have it cut... period. but apparently, he had had enough with people saying he looked like a girl and it NEEDED to get cut, and i am sure he got tired of coming home from work to see josiah toddling around the house with a ponytail:) so, we had a sweet friend from the church volunteer to have us come to their salon to get his first cut. i was sad and worried that we would cut off all of his curls and he would no longer look like a baby, but the end result is GREAT! he looks so handsome and still has his little curls. and when we got in the car after leaving the salon, ella kate told him.. "good job 'siah!! you got your hairs cut!"

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