Wednesday, December 10, 2008

hide and seek

tonight while bill was at church, i was home with the babies. miley was napping and i had just got done bathing ek and siah. we were in her room and i asked them if they wanted to play a game. she got all excited and said "yay!! a game.. lets play hide and seek!" ok, i had no clue that she even knew what that game was... we have never played it... she must have learned it from school! so anywho.. i cover my eyes (peeking just a little!) and start counting to 10.. sure enough she scurries away to go find the perfect spot.... and when i found her i couldn't help but get the camera and chuckle! i love that kid:)

after hide and seek, she and siah were going to make me some cookies. however, ella kate sometimes has a lysp at the end of some words.. so tonight she made me cookieth:)


  1. that hiding spot rocks! she is so stinking cute!

  2. yay! glad you started blogging! i will add you to my blog roll. i have been such a slacker blogger lately.. but you have inspired me!
    ps.. ek's hiding spot looks a lot like her nap time spot. ha ha! :o)

  3. Ella Kate's hiding place reminds me of one of your dad's favorite commercials. The Slowskys..."I can see your butt."