Friday, December 19, 2008


this morning ella kate was playing with an old pair of bill's binoculars. it was so cute because she thought, for some odd reason, that they were a camera. she walked around the house taking pictures of everything:) what was even cuter, was that she had the wrong side up to her eyes:) so here she is standing in front of me wanting to take my picture... "momma say CHEESE!!" "cheese!! " i say, giving her a funny face. she put the 'camera' down and clapped saying, "YAY momma!! you said cheese... you get a M&M!" now, i dont know where she got that from..i have NEVER bribed our kids with M&M's to get a cute smile out of them! i have threatened to beat them though, but never an M&M.... NEVER! :)

but speaking of M&M's.. she does get one everytime that she goes potty. it is pretty cute b/c she has one potty in her room and one in our bathroom, so she has the freedom to 'go' even during her nap time. she will sometimes potty all by herself and tell us that she needs an M&M, and of course we have to hunt down which potty she used... just to make sure that she is telling the truth:) however, one day, i went into her bedroom while she was snacking on a box of raisins, only to find that she had dumped the box of raisins into her potty and was eating them out of the 'big bowl'... lovely! so maybe we should keep potty's in the bathroom only... oh well!

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  1. I think Ella Kate is one of the smartest kids around.