Thursday, January 1, 2009

birthday helper

happy new year everyone!! i cannot believe that 2009 is already here... everything seems to go by so much faster the older that i get! i turned 25 on tuesday and i just feel soooo old! maybe it is because i got married in '05, had a baby in '06, a baby in '07 and a baby in '08... those can take a toll on a person!! :) but i do have an amazing life and the Lord has truly blessed me far more than i could have ever imagined!! i am so thankful!
so with my birthday being this week, bill and ella kate got to spend some special time together. they went on a date to shop for my birthday present, and that girl loves to shop!! she loves walmart, kroger, "bays" r us.. you name it:) but her all time favorite is 'the star'!! oh how she loves shoppin' at the star, which happens to be macys:) bill and i like to take the babies to the mall and walk around. they enjoy people watching and we enjoy just getting out of the house. but everytime we go to the mall, we park at macys and the macys big red star gets ella kate squealing and cheering as soon as she spots it! "hurray for the star!!" so one night i was at home with sweet bubba and squeaker and they went off to find the perfect present at the star.. they ended up buying me this dress that is just so 'me'! i saw it a couple weeks ago and thought that it was so cute, but it was more money than i would spend on a dress for myself, so i didn't think about it again, but my sweet husband did and he bought it! when i opened it, ek was so excited and said, "i got that for you, you look like a pwincess momma!" she is a doll..they also had some special time making me cupcakes.. she is such a helper and LOVES being a bill's little shadow! and josiah and i loved eating the funfetti masterpieces! they turned out so yummy! i had a great bday:)

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