Saturday, January 24, 2009

sick week

so this week was difficult to say the least. all 3 babies were sick and on antibiotics, the weather was cold and miserable, and i kept feeling like i had bronchitis (although i refused to go to the dr and find out).. anyways, we are all on the mend now and feeling much better! miley had rsv and everytime she would cough, ella kate would run over and pat her saying, "goodness baby mi-ey, goodness!" and josiah was irritable at times when he was not feeling well, and she would say to him, "now 'siah, stop that whining! if you be a sweet boy, my's gonna give you a biscuit." now i dont know where she got that from.. i am sure she has heard someone say something like that before... but i promise i don't bribe my kids with biscuits!

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