Thursday, January 29, 2009

boys are different..

josiah is an interesting little guy! it may be that i am so used to girls and girly things, that i don't know what i am doing with this boy:) he is just different. for example, we will take the babies to the park in the stroller and when we get there, we unbuckle them and set them free to play, but no... josiah doesn't want to play. he would rather stand by the stroller for 2 hours buckling and unbuckling the seat belt thingy. we have tried physically picking him up and placing him on the jungle gym, but he just comes back down and goes right back to the stroller to concentrate on how that buckle works. it drives me nuts! or even at home, he will spend hours and i mean HOURS opening and shutting doors. i was so nervous that he would smash his fingers, so we put a washcloth or towel over the top of the door so it wont close all the way. but there he is, opening the door and then closing the door, then opening the door... and so on. you can come over to our house on any given day and find random towels or other articles of clothing thrown over the tops of every bedroom door, because no matter where he is in the house, josiah wants to play with the doors. but anyways.. back to the boy stuff. so when ella kate was little we bought her a big bag of mega blocks. (you know.. the ones that look like JUMBO legos?) well, she loved them and she loved to build something and then giggle and squeal as she knocked it down! not josiah.... he does not laugh. i mean, he loves the blocks but he only plays with the single blocks.. not the ones that are rectangular or square with 4 or 8 notches, just the single ones. and he likes to stack those up one at a time on top of each other. but here is the thing. a skinny little tower will only get so high before it topples over, and when it does fall over, josiah FREAKS out! i'm talking, falling to the floor and crying! he refuses to think that it is funny! it is like he is saying, "i'm a failure.. why wont these stay up!!" it's hilarious and saddening to watch at the same time. he is so determined to do it and make a single tower as tall as him, but everytime, it falls and his little heart is crushed! poor thing... one of these days, he will learn. or hopefully laugh as it falls.. but here is a pick of him today with his single blocks in progress..

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  1. Yep! I started blogging for family back home...I added you to my blog list!!! I love reading about your kiddos. They're funny!