Thursday, January 1, 2009

it's a wonderful life..

last night, bill was at the chick-fil-a bowl watching tech get whooped... and i was at home ringing in the new year with the babies... not really, they went to bed at 7:) anyways, ella kate had gotten this princess inflatable chair for christmas and she was begging to open in up. so i brought in into josiah's room and attempted to pump it up. it came with a little pink plastic accordian looking pump that was very cheaply made and didn't put out much air at all.. the chair was pretty small, but after i saw that the pink pump was a piece of junk, i tried to blow it up myself.. but was getting nowhere. i remembered that bill had an electric pump, so when i found it i decided i would give it a whirl.. i hooked it up and turned it on, and it was much louder than i remembered!! it scared poor bubba to death, he was trying to get away but his itty bitty legs couldn't scurry him out of the room fast enough!! it was so cute that i even chuckled a bit:) i went and found him in the living room and his little heart was just a racing.. poor thing! so i got the chair up and covered in the princess "get-up" and ella kate said, "oh momma, it's wonderful!!" she clapped her hands and started jumping up and down in delight! very dramatic.. but very cute!! her jumping didn't cease though, and within the first 30 seconds, she had busted her chair! i knew that thing was cheap!! but i did manage to get a cute picture..

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