Saturday, January 17, 2009

fun times with the little people!

so tonight, ella kate, josiah, and miley are all sick, and i am feeling a little puny myself!! i hate times like this... but thankfully bill was feeling fine, and was taking care of all of us!! (such a sweet man!) so while bill was making us some homemade potato soup (yummy!!), we were downstairs playing and waiting patiently. ella kate wanted to play with their little people sets that they got for christmas. she was looking for her princess castle, and i told her that it was upstairs in her room and that she could go and get it. she told me, "no, momma.. you go upstairs and get it first, and ella kate stay right here". little stinker... her legs work! but being the sweet mom that i am, i helped her get it while i was taking miley upstairs for a little nap. her castle is really cute.. it plays music, and has furniture, the princess and prince can dance and it even comes with a frog!! well, while ella kate was trying to get the castle arranged like 'so', i saw josiah in the corner trying to set on one of the castle chairs!! now, keep in mind that this is a little people set, so that chair was all of 3 inches tall:) he would place it down in the perfect spot, then hover and squat.... but the chair would never hold him up... imagine that!! but that boy has some strong determination, and he never gave up!! he spent a good 10 minutes trying to set in that little chair:) lucky for him, bill rang the supper bell and it was time to eat that delicious soup at last!! so maybe next time, he will fit in that chair!

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